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Leeds United Chat • Re: United States of Ameristan

Without disagreeing with any of the above sentiments about Trump, the question is what is so wrong with society that he can gain widespread support. The answer, for me, lies in the systemic inequality which sees the wealth of billionaires continuing to grow, whilst the majority suffer.

The left long since gave up representing working class interests, so the far right step in to fill the void. Historically, the circumstances for the rise of fascism are always the same; a stagnated and disenfranchised working class. Vilifying individuals without recognising this misses the point imo.
That is exactly what is happening here.
But I don't think anyone is missing that point. Those conditions exist and the fascists have jumped on it and are employing an intense and successful campaign of misinformation and scare tactics. The movement here is being led by Fox TV (Murdoch), right wing radio talk shows and podcasts. It is then propagated on the myriad conspiracy theory web sites and all the social media platforms. i don't watch Fox out of choice but I do watch it sometimes to see what the other side are thinking. It is truly down right scary to listen to the evil, wicked, hateful lies that they spout out every single night for hours on end. Constant stream of hateful propaganda.
A lot of things that Trump tweeted about were first discussed on Fox. At one point it was suggested that Sean Hannity was the President and Vice President Trump would tweet out the leaders thoughts the next morning.
I'll say again, Trump might be gone but this is far from over.

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