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Safety Plan-Return to Curling Guidelines -Nov, 2020

Nov. 2020 Safety Plan: Royal City Curling Club

Return to Curling Guidelines

GENERAL: 1. Curlers not to arrive any sooner than 20 minutes before draw time and are to enter through the MAIN ENTRANCE. 2. Prior to starting your season each curler is required to complete a Liability Waiver and Covid Declaration. 3. Masks are mandatory in the lobby, on ice, and in transit to the lounge. Curlers can take off their mask once seated in the lounge, however, must wear a mask when getting up to the bar line or en route to the washroom. 4. No smoking or vaping anywhere on the premises until further notice. 5. Only curlers & their coaches allowed into the Club. No guests, spectators or family members. 6. Lobby and Upstairs Washrooms limited to 2 patrons at a time. 7. Change rooms are closed. Come dressed in your curling attire 8. Water: Bring Your own.

ARENA GUIDELINES: 1. Rental Brooms: Available from SANITIZED BROOM rack. Return to USED BROOM rack at end of game for sanitizing by ice crew. 2. Sheets 1, 2, 3 enter and exit through SOUTH door. Sheets 4, 5, & 6 enter and exit through NORTH door. 3. Rocks at game start are staggered: Sheets 1, 3, 5 start from far end. Sheets 2, 4, 6 start from near end. End of game return Rocks to the end you Started from. 4. Sanitary Wipes supplied on each sheet. Leads to sanitize their team’s rocks prior to game start. 5. Just the Thirds from each team clear the house. 6. Thirds post the score. Scoring plates get sanitized by the ice crew. 7. Skip of Non throwing team remains on the back boards on the designated decal. 8. Only 1 Sweeper – No change to this rule. None of the Curl B.C rules being adopted at this point meaning: a. No changing sweepers. b. No sweeping behind the tee line. c. Skips can not sweep at any time. 9. When returning the rocks at game end – all to be physically distanced. 10. All curlers (opposition and same team) to be physically distancing on ice at all times: Follow the decals. At outset of first game back, flow to be demonstrated.
New simplistic video being sent to all curlers. First game back, Covid Control Team to assist with on ice physical distancing guidelines. 11. Measure Sticks: Not in use; do your best to estimate. 12. Buzzer System: a. Buzzer #1 signals 15 minutes in the game remain. b. Buzzer # 2 signals END of game. NO MORE ROCKS to be thrown. Note: Some Leagues with nobody curling right after have chosen a 1 Hour & 40-minute bell. c. After Buzzer #2, curlers have 10 minutes to clear from the ice surface and EXIT the building through North side Cumberland service door or go to the Lounge.

UPSTAIRS LOUNGE: 1. Must always wear a mask other than when seated. This means patrons are now required to mask up when placing drink orders, going to the washroom and exiting the facility. 2. Tables: Green check mark signals the table and chairs are clean. Red X signals table has been used and needs to be sanitized by bar staff. Once you leave your table please turn laminated green check mark upside down to red X. Sit with your team only. 3. Broom rack moved to top of stairs, on your left …. from the halfway landing. 4. Tables arranged for physical distancing. Each table now limited to 4 patrons max. previously 6. 5. Self serve bar, (allowed as we are a private club), Max 4 in the line at a time. Floor decals in place to encourage physical distancing. 6. No 50-50 draws or popcorn sales. 7. EXIT Lounge by back stairway to the North onto Cumberland street. For reasons such as poor weather you may use the main stairs MASK ON until you exit the building through the service entrance. 8. Access to the Lounge in advance of your game. This privilege suspended for the present recognizing the current Fraser Health guidelines.


  1. POS Debit now accepted. Physical distance by following floor decals. 2. Ordering: a. Place order in advance of game for pick up immediately after game. Or… b. Place order after game for pick up 20 minutes later when the league following your game has cleared the lobby to the ice AND you have been paged by the kitchen. PRO SHOP HOURS: ➢ Monday to Saturday, 10AM to 5PM (Closed Wednesday after 12 noon).

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