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Notorious B.I.G murder case may be re-investigated and police officers charged over ‘cover up’, former FBI agent claims

THE Notorious B.I.G. murder case could be re-investigated and the officers who allegedly covered it up may face charges, a former FBI agent has claimed.

Phil Carson, who was the only FBI agent to ever investigate the case, believes the hip hop star was shot dead by a hit man helped by two crooked LAPD cops.

Getty Images - Getty
Notorious B.I.G. – also known as Biggie Smalls – was shot death in 1997[/caption]

He says as soon as he “solved” the crime, authorities in Los Angeles conspired to discredit him and cover up the murder – to save the city from potentially having to pay out $500 million to Biggie’s family.

Carson makes the allegations in a bombshell new podcast The Dossier which he says will blow the lid off the unsolved case, expose new evidence and could force his original FBI investigation to be re-opened.

“What the public don’t understand is the level of corruption here – it’s mind-blowing,” Carson told The Sun.

“All the other stories and theories about what happened to Biggie they’re wrong. They’re 100% wrong.

Getty Images - Getty
Biggie with fellow rappers Puffy and Lil’ Kim[/caption]
The case is reexamined in a new podcast series called The Dossier

“And the truth is now coming out now in this podcast that the murder was orchestrated by the LAPD, we uncovered it and they did everything they could to basically cover all this up and obstruct.”

Carson said that during his investigation he noticed vitally important bits of evidence would disappear from the LAPD’s murder file.

“Big Gene, Biggie’s main bodyguard identified who he thought was a suspect out of a six pack,” Carson said.

“Now understand when we put together six packs we find six photos to where everybody looks very much alike. He immediately pointed him out, circled it and dated it because I’ve seen it. And that’s part of that’s part of the LAPD and the FBI file.

“But then they also show him a picture where Big Gene is standing to the side of Puffy’s car, and the same guy is right here. And he says, ‘That’s your guy right there’. But what they did was they fuzzed out his face.

“Gene said to me when I went to see him: ‘You’re the Feds – can’t you unscramble the picture or something?’.

Getty - Contributor
Biggie – real name Christopher Wallace – was shot in Los Angeles [/caption]

“But I’m thinking to myself, I’ve seen that photo before in the murder book of the LAPD detective who was handling the case.

AP:Associated Press
He was shot four-times in a drive-by shooting after an awards ceremony[/caption]

“Every single time that I reviewed the murder book I always had another FBI agent with me. So it never came down to save my word against somebody else’s word. So when we were there, the first time we saw all these photos, the photo was there.

“The second time we went back, after I talked to Big Gene, the photo is not there. It was obvious as day it had been taken out.

“I talked to my bosses and I wrote up a communication and it’s in the case file where I specifically say, ‘I want to look at all your photos in particular, the photo that you showed Big Gene.’

“And they said, ‘Nope, that never happened. That photo does exist’. I’m like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me guys. I’ve seen the photo. There’s a memo that you guys wrote about what you showed Big Gene about the six pack and everything as well’. It was astounding.”

Getty Images - Getty
Biggie outside his mother’s house in Brooklyn[/caption]
Phil Carson believes the murder was covered up by Los Angeles officials

Carson revealed how he also saw pictures of the two allegedly crooked cops at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles the night that Biggie was gunned down in his car.

But he said as soon as he started to solve the case, huge efforts were made to discredit him and his investigation.

Carson revealed that attorneys for the City of Los Angeles, which was being sued for damages over Biggie’s death by his mom Voletta Wallace, told him he could not testify in the case as it might cause them to lose.

He even heard tape recordings where a senior LAPD official told an LA Times reporter to discredit him however possible in a bid to derail his investigation.

“People say sometimes the cover up is worse than the crime. This is a perfect example,” Carson said.

“I understand it’s bad enough that you’ve got a dead body, there’s nothing worse than murder, but the lengths that they went cover up that murder, I think will shock people.

“When LAPD knew what I had in terms of evidence, that’s when the whole coverup started.

Getty - Contributor
Biggie’s murder remains official unsolved [/caption]

“I even heard a recorded conversation between an LAPD officer and an LA Times reporter saying, ‘You’ve got to ruin Phil Carson because we cannot have him testify and if he does, we could lose a $500 million civil lawsuit.’

“When the DA’s office found out that I had been placed on a witness list by lawyers for Biggie’s family, a guy from the DA’s office called me and told me ‘You’ve been put on a witness list, we need to need to meet with you to make sure that you did not testify.’

“We set up a meeting a couple of days later – and this is all documented in the FBI file – the DA’s office specifically stated that if Agent Carson were to testify in this civil lawsuit, the city of Los Angeles has at least a 50- 50 chance of losing a $500 million civil lawsuit. And they said ‘We cannot afford to have him testify’.

“They knew my evidence would destroy their case.”

Carson now believes there is a good chance that the case will be re-investigated and some of those who allegedly covered it up will be brought to justice.

“The truth is finally coming out and it’s documented,” he said.

“And I would not be surprised if this case not only gets reopened, but they [Biggie’s family] refile the civil lawsuit.

“Don’t get me wrong I am 100% pro law enforcement, I don’t believe in the defund the police movement and I have some very good friends that are LAPD.

“But these higher up people, they took it upon themselves to cover up this whole case. And what else are they covering up? I don’t know. I can’t speak on that, but it does make you stop and think that the depths that they went to to cover up this case is mind-blowing.

The deaths of Biggie and fellow rapper Tupac the previous year rocked the hip hop world

“Are there former and current LAPD who could face charges? I would think so.

“The FBI does not investigate murders. It’s not a federal crime. It becomes a federal crime if it involves police officers, senators, city council, elected officials… or if it’s a hate crime or if there’s a civil rights type violation case.

“There’s no statute of limitations on murder but if it’s a civil rights violation or hate crime – I’m not sure what the statute of limitations is.

“But if this murder gets solved could and would people get charged? Yes I would a hundred percent expect it.”

Filmmaker Don Sikiorski, who is producing the new podcast, said: “I think in the current climate of what we’re under and what is going on, it’s just staggering to think the level that they went to to sort of cover this information up.

“It’s very simple – if the LAPD had pure intentions of wanting to solve this case, why at every chance did they impede him and hinder him go?

“Why, if you wanted to solve this case, if you wanted to get this off the books, if you want it justice, why would you block and not cooperate with an FBI agent who’s simply trying to get to the truth.

“What you will see in the podcast is that every angle they tried to hinder Carson and to ruin his career.

“I think that the FBI’s LA field division is really looking hard at possibly reopening this case.”

The Sun has reached out to LAPD and the DA’s office for comment.

The Dossier podcast is out on Spotify and Apple.

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