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Who is Mica Paris and what are the EastEnders star’s biggest songs?

SOUL singer Mica Paris made her debut as EastEnders’ latest villain Ellie Nixon last month.

But what do we know about the 80s singer and presenter-turned actress? Here’s the lowdown…

Mica Paris has joined the cast of EastEnders as the villainous Ellie Nixon

Who is Mica Paris and what’s her background?

Mica Paris was born on April 27, 1969 and grew up in Islington North London.

She was raised listening to soul and gospel music at her grandparents’ church and sung with a gospel choir in her teens.

In 1988 she released her debut album So Good which went Platinum.

She continued to release music that was well received through the 90s, releasing a best of collection in 1999.

She’s also turned her hand to presenting on both the radio and TV.

Featuring on Gok Wan’s Miss Naked Beauty, ITV’s CelebAir, and she co-hosted BBC’s What Not To Wear.

Mica’s even given acting a go, starring as a pampered jazz singer in ITV’s Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple.

In 2006 Mica took part in Strictly Come Dancing, where she was partnered up with professional Ian Waite, but the pair were eliminated in the second week.

Mica Paris released some banging tunes in the 80s
Rex Features

What are Mica Paris’ hit songs?

Mica’s had a number of hits including My One Temptation, Where Is the Love and Breathe Life Into Me.

Soul fans may also remember My One Temptation, Like Dreamers Do and I Never Felt Like This Before.
She will also appear in the Children In Need rocks the 80s! concert, which you can watch on BBC One at 8.30pm tonight.

She performed alongside the likes of Bananarama, Boy George, Erasure, Europe, Imagination, Jason Donovan and UB40… to name just a few.

Stylish singer Mica dished out advice for those lacking in the fashion department on What Not To Wear
Rex Features

Who does Mica Paris play in EastEnders?

The singer-turned actress made her first appearance on the show last month as the soap’s latest villain Ellie Nixon, the adoptive grandmother of Raymond Dawkins.

Viewers first saw Ellie rushing around at the hospital after Raymond was orphaned in a gruesome car crash.

Raymond is the child Denise Fox gave up for adoption following a one-night stand with Phil Mitchell back in 2016. 

Speaking about how her villainous character and warning she’d lock horns with Phil, Mica said: “I’ve always played positive, encouraging, uplifting people, I recently did a 2 year tour of Fame that ended up in the West End. My character Ellie is the complete opposite to what people know me for.

“I’ve never, ever played a villain before in my life! It’s interesting because growing up in the industry a lot of people assumed that I was like Ellie.

“I can be quite intimidating when you see me so everyone was always shocked that I’m actually not like that, but with Ellie I am exactly that! It’s not me at all!

“She is so strong and hardcore, even Phil is intimidated by her! She’s no nonsense. 

She continued: “She’s been thrown in at the deep end with the accident at the hospital. She’s the family member that you never really see until there’s a catastrophe and there’s no one else to turn up for it. Ellie is not the doting Grandma at all!

“She hasn’t been around the family much, like the long distant Grandma that you hear about but never see. Suddenly here she is having to step up because her son’s gone – his wife’s gone and she’s the only one left as his next of kin. It’s very shocking for her.”

WARNING: Use of this image is subject to the terms of use of BBC Pictures' Digital Picture
EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell will meet his match in Ellie[/caption]

Who’s Mica Paris’ ex-husband?

Mica is very tight lipped about her private life.

She was married to the father of her first daughter Monet when she was 21.

But her first relationship wasn’t set to last as they divorced two years later.

She was then in a seven year relationship with Andreas Neumann, the father of her second daughter, but the couple sadly parted ways when their daughter was still a baby.

In 2008 Mica spoke about her relationship with millionaire Italian Francesco Niccolato claiming that she was in fear while dating him.

She told The Mail it was “as if my every move was being watched”.

The mum-of-two has done it all – from singing, to acting, to presenting
Rex Features

How many children does Mica Paris have?

Mica has two daughters. Monet was born in 1991 from Mica’s first marriage and Russia-Mae, who was born in June 2006.

Speaking about her girls in The Guardian Mica said: “I didn’t want them to think they had a fast track into fame and fortune via me, so I didn’t bring them to my shows.

“They’ve only ever known me as someone who cooks and cleans for them and takes them on holiday.

“I’m their rock when they’re having their moments. I’m a mum to them, not ‘Mica Paris’.”

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