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How Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez went from £250-a-week shop girl to model mum and Instagram star

SHE’S one of the most famous Wags on the planet – but Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez hasn’t always lived a life of riches and luxury. 

The 26-year-old Spanish model lived in a cramped, shared house and worked as a £250-a-week shop girl before a chance encounter with football legend Ronaldo transformed her life.

Georgina has gone from a £250-a-week shop girl to one of the world’s most famous Wags

A chance encounter with football legend Ronaldo transformed Georgina’s life

In a candid interview on ITV, Ronaldo, 35, describes finding “true love” with Georgina after the pair met for the first time at a Gucci store, where she was a sales assistant.

The Juventus star told Piers Morgan: “She helped me so much. Of course, I’m in love with her.”

Ronaldo, thought to be worth around £300million, added that it would be his mum Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro’s dream to see him and Georgina walk down the aisle.

“We’ll be [married] one day, for sure,” he said.

“It’s my mum’s dream as well. So, one day. Why not? It’s great. She’s my friend. We have conversations. I open the heart for her and she opens the heart for me.”

Ronaldo becomes emotional during his candid interview with Piers Morgan

He describes Georgina as his “true love”
Refer to Caption

The footballer also says he’ll marry Georgina one day ‘for sure’
The Mega Agency

Luxury holidays with four kids

Today, Georgina is raising Ronaldo’s four children –  their two-year-old daughter Alana Martina, surrogate twins Eva and Mateo, three, and ten-year-old Cristiano Jr – in Turin, Italy.

She lives a life most of us can only dream of – holidaying in Ibiza and Iceland, wearing head-to-foot Chanel and Gucci, and enjoying her boyfriend’s mega yacht and £1.75m sports cars.

She has also stood by Ronaldo after he was accused of raping a model in a Las Vegas hotel room – claims he has emphatically denied and which he will not face any criminal charges over.

But while Georgina could soon become Mrs Ronaldo, the Wag’s life used to be very different…

Georgina kisses Ronaldo after a Real Madrid victory – but her life used to be very different
Getty - Contributor

Grafting for goals

The beauty hails from a very humble background, growing up in the tiny village of Jaca, northern Spain, with her Argentine former footballer father, Jorge, and Spanish mother, Ana.

As a child, she longed to be a ballet dancer. But because her parents couldn’t afford to send her to dance school, Georgina set her sights on a career in fashion retail instead.

It was clear from a young age that she was ambitious and like Ronaldo – who grew up in a tin-roofed house in Madeira – she did everything in her power to chase her dreams.

Georgina grew up in a tiny village, Jaca, in the Spanish mountains

She was desperate to get out of her small town and achieve her dreams

Living in a cramped house share

As soon as she was old enough, Georgina moved to Huesca, a small town an hour away, where she got her first job as a waitress.

However, she soon got bored of the town, and became fed up of living in a cramped home with several other young people.

Tired of her impoverished lifestyle,  Georgina moved again – this time three hours away to the seaside town of San Sebastian, where she got a job in mid-range shop, Massimo Dutti.

But despite earning more money, the draw of living the high life saw her make her next big move.

“I wanted to work in luxury and I understood that for that I had to speak English,” Georgina told XLSemanal. 

Georgina poses for a typical tourist snap near the London Eye

Nanny in Bristol

In 2012, aged just 17, Georgina flew to England and got a job as an au pair for a family in Bristol.

Here, she focused on learning English, earning around £9.50 an hour.

Once her language skills were up to scratch, she headed back to Spain to pursue her dreams of working in high-end retail in Madrid.

Georgina lived in Bristol but visited Bath in her free time

“Love at first sight”

Georgina finally got her dream job as a saleswoman at Gucci in 2016 – and it was while she was working here that she caught former Real Madrid star Ronaldo’s eye.

Days later, the pair met again at another brand’s event, where they were able to “talk in a relaxed atmosphere”, outside of a work environment.

“It was love at first sight for both,” Georgina previously told the Sun on Sunday.

Georgina finally got her dream job in a designer store in Madrid in 2016

It was “love at first sight” for the couple
AFP or licensors

Hounded by fans

The couple kept their relationship under wraps for the first few months, but once people found out they were dating, football fans started turning up at Georgina’s shop.

Bosses feared the fans, who were trying to take pictures, would put off their rich clientele, and Georgina was dismissed from her dream job in December 2016 after just eight months.

Ronaldo’s contacts got her another job in Prada in El Corte Ingles, the famous Spanish department store, where she earned about £1,000 a month plus commission.

View this post on Instagram

Amor infinito ????

A post shared by Georgina Rodríguez (@georginagio) on


But once again, her relationship cost her a job. Customers kept coming into the shop in the hope of spotting Ronaldo – and begged Georgina for selfies.

It wasn’t long before management and Georgina mutually agreed it was best if she left and stopped working for good. 

Speaking about her experience, she told Spanish outlet, XLSemanal: “I was hiding, but fans were looking for me at the store. They used to call up and ask about me, pretending to be clients.

“There were always photographers waiting for me. The director told me to go down to the basement because he did not want to see me in the store. I started to be very uncomfortable and then I left.”

Georgina’s high-profile relationship has cost her a number of jobs
Getty Images - Getty

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Amo esta tierra. Vamos Portugal ???????? #⚽

A post shared by Georgina Rodríguez (@georginagio) on

Proud parents

In November 2017, Georgina gave birth to her and Ronaldo’s first daughter, Alana Martina – and revealed that the football star had spoiled her rotten.

She told Hola!: “When we got home from hospital, he’d organised a surprise dinner, with all our nearest and dearest. I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.”

Little Alana Martina joined Ronaldo’s adorable clan – with twins Eva and Mateo having been previously carried by a surrogate mother and Cristiano Jn being born to a mystery mother. 

Today, Georgina is raising all the youngsters.

Georgina gave birth to her and Ronaldo’s first daughter, Alana Martina, in 2017
Social Media - Refer to Source

Ronaldo posted this photo on Instagram, featuring Georgina and his four kids
Refer to Caption

“I have always been mature and for me to have four children is not a burden,” she said.

“I wear it very well and, in fact, I no longer imagine my life without my children. It has definitely brought us closer. We’re happier together than ever. The children are our joy.”

Ronaldo has famously talked about wanting seven children.

However, Georgina has different ideas. When previously asked where she saw herself in 10 years, she said: “I do not see myself with more children.”

The couple are pictured with two of the children

Georgina has given up her career to look after the kids[/caption]

Georgina loves raising her family

From selling Gucci to wearing it

While Georgina used to sell designer clothes to the rich and famous, she’s now wearing them herself – from £1,400 Balmain jackets and £5,000 Chanel handbags to a priceless vintage fur coat.

She’s also living in a gated mansion in Turin – similar to the £5 million mansion she and Ronaldo used to share in Madrid (but a far cry from the flat she once lived in with pals).

Of course, Georgina is travelling in style too – jetting off in an £18 million private plane, sailing on a luxury yacht and driving sports cars like Ronaldo’s flashy Bugatti Veyron.

Since she began dating Ronaldo, Georgina has become a star in her own right, gracing the cover of Spanish Women’s Health and amassing millions of Instagram followers.

Georgina is often pictured wearing the most expensive designer clothes
Rex Features

<span style="font-weight: 400"> She gets to travel in style – from private planes and yachts to sports cars</span>
Refer to Caption

View this post on Instagram

Alimentando el alma con la danza ???? #Buenasnoches????

A post shared by Georgina Rodríguez (@georginagio) on

A lavish wedding

If Ronaldo does fulfil his dream to wed Georgina “one day”, it will likely be a very grand affair.

Wedding expert and founder of Wedding Ideas Magazine Rachel Southwood told Sun Online: “She’ll probably wear a fit and flare dress that hugs her curves and kicks out at the bottom.

“It will be slinky and sexy but demure all at the same time – probably in lace, but possibly with some extra bling.

Georgina loves designer clothing
Rex Features

“I think she will wear a long lace, scallop-edged veil. Something by a designer like Riki Dalal although I suspect it will be completely bespoke, from the head designer at one of the design houses she has worked with.

“Their wedding will be lavish and include a church service and a huge feast. It will be family-focused with a few big names thrown in for good measure.”

Rodriguez sparked engagement rumours in June when she showed off a huge ring in an Instagram post.

They have so far remain tight-lipped over plans but are expected to tie the knot in the near future.

Georgina Rodriguez showed off a huge ring on her finger during a holiday

Running Ronaldo’s empire

But Georgina is very keen not to be perceived as a typical WAG.

She has previously said she has no interest in just shopping and spending Ronaldo’s money – in fact she might take a more active role in managing his vast fortune.

Georgina and Ronaldo now have four children between them

Georgina sparked engagement rumours when she was seen sporting a new ring during the 2018 World Cup
Getty - Contributor

While most women spend their pregnancies decorating the nursery, Georgina spent hers studying financial accounting at the Centre for Financial Studies in Madrid.

Her course, which started in October 2017 and finished the following March, cost her £780 and saw her attend three-hour long classes twice a week.

According to El Mundo, it included modules on tax matters, legal obligations and wealth management.

“I loved earning money for myself and I never let myself be helped when someone offered to lend me a hand,” Georgina previously said.

“I am realistic and if I see that I can buy something not too expensive I do. If I can’t wear a Chanel, I buy a Zara. Why brag about something that does not belong to you?”

Ronaldo and his family are living in Turin, northern Italy

Tens of millions in a divorce

When Georgina and Ronaldo eventually tie the knot, it’s unlikely the model will ever have to return to her shop girl job – even if they divorce.

Experts say all her financial worries would be taken care of in a pre-nup.

Head of Family Law in leading Manchester firm, JMW, Elspeth Kinder told Sun Online: “A prenup would make sure it provides fairly for Georgina’s needs and that of their child in the event of a divorce. It would be tens of millions – but it won’t be a half share of everything he’s got- that’s the point of the pre-nup.

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