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How to Prevent a Third Obama Administration

LaRouchePAC produced this iconic image

By Tony Papert

July 24–After over three years of failed efforts to somehow rid themselves of President Trump, the frustrated coup-plotters are resorting to more extreme measures.

Armed gangs are roaming our streets attacking and beating innocent people with impunity, as in Europe of the 1920s and 1930s. They are smashing stores and businesses, as in Kristallnacht, 1938–even if some of our cowards are still pretending not to see anything.

Meanwhile, throughout much of society, targeted Americans are daily losing not only their jobs, but their employability--overnight, with no hearing or appeal--for violating the “party line,” even in statements or actions of decades ago. Children are turning in their parents and parents their children. High school students are ratting out their peers in letters to college admissions officers. Victims are forced into groveling apologies, but usually in vain. All this is an echo--if so far less bloodstained--of China’s 1966-76 “Cultural Revolution,” one of the darkest pages in its 5,000 year-old history.

The Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution also smashed monuments with abandon, in their campaign to “Destroy the Four Olds: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.” They smashed up the centuries-old Confucius Temple in Confucius’ home town of Qufu, even digging up his family cemetery and placing the naked corpse of a relative on public display. They burned an estimated 100,000 classical books. (Note that the Chinese government long ago totally repudiated the Cultural Revolution.)

On the one hand, such savage tactics are now being deployed by the British-steered coup forces--which are coordinated on the ground by Obama--for yet another try at driving a duly-elected President from office. But at the same time, these atrocities give us a foretaste of the far-harsher methods which Obama will use to try to subdue a rebellious population, if it is stupid enough to allow him a third term--whether he would rule through a senile Biden or by other means.

These tendencies are integral to the Obama clique, and were manifest in and before his two terms in office, for anyone who cared to look--as our founder, economist Lyndon LaRouche did. Take, for instance, Obama’s relations with leaders of the 1960s-70s terrorist “Weather Underground.” Obama has worked closely with wealthy “Weatherman” cofounder and leader Bill Ayers of Chicago. Ayers’ Weathermen went beyond the rampages of today’s Obama dupes, to embrace not only bombings, but the robbery of a Brinks truck with the murder of two police officers and a security guard. (These three killings left nine children orphaned.) The Weathermen also launched the attack on “white skin privilege,” which their present-day successors call more simply “white privilege.”

After his overtly terrorist years, Obama’s Weatherman buddy Bill Ayers began a second career destroying American education. He retired about 2010 as “Distinguished Professor of Education” at the University of Illinois (Chicago), and has written perhaps a dozen “education” books which fought to replace actual education with radical indoctrination and “activism.” To the same end, he founded the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) “educational” foundation in 1995, and immediately brought Obama in to serve as a board member and sometime chairman, roughly until the foundation dissolved itself in 2002. According to a Wall Street Journal article of Sept. 23, 2008, the CAC distributed money for schools through radical political groups like “Acorn,” rather than directly to the schools themselves.

Today, our college and university students are being forced, not just to consider, but to accept the tenets of “critical theory,” along with some of its offshoots, such as queer and critical race theories, gender studies, disability studies and fat studies. They are required to agree that the human individual is little more than the sum of the identity groups to which he or she belongs. More generally, they must agree that knowledge is a construct of power, which functions through ways of talking about things. Thus, knowledge can be changed and power structures toppled by changing the way we talk about things.

“The idea that words are powerful and dangerous has now become widespread and underlies much scholarship and activism around discursive (or verbal) violence, safe spaces, microaggressions and trigger warnings.”

“Teaching is now supposed to be a political act, and only one type of politics is acceptable–identity politics as defined by social justice theory.” (This treatment adapted from Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay, Cynical Theories, 2020.) A corollary is that only white people can be racist or make racist statements.

So who is to blame when your children return home from college loaded down with a lifetime of debt, without any education but with a head full of racist slogans or worse? Who is to blame for the “cancel culture” referred to above, which is actually being taught in our universities? Who is to blame for all the young, white, college-“educated” or college-bound rioters?

Susan Rosenberg belonged to a Weatherman group which specialized in bombings. She was convicted in 1985 for possession of 740 pounds of explosives, a machine-gun, and false identity papers. Today she is Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Thousand Currents, a tax-exempt foundation that sponsors the fundraising and does administrative work for Black Lives Matter.

All of Obama’s government policies reflect his assimilation of precisely this anti-human outlook of the worldwide British financial empire which deploys him (with its satrapies of Wall Street and Silicon Valley). Lyndon LaRouche called for Obama’s impeachment in 2009 when he wantonly eliminated NASA’s manned space mission, which had been central to the advancement of the American economy under John Kennedy, and which President Trump is reviving today.

LaRouche ordered his organization to place a Hitler moustache on every image of Obama because of his so-called health plan, which LaRouche pinpointed as identical to the Nazis’ Tiergarten-4 euthanasia scheme. The American people sensed as much, and the country was rocked by demonstrations against it in 2009. Don’t believe the denials! The plan did indeed call for death panels to decide which lives were worth living–or saving–and which were not.

Obama surrounded himself with a group of so-called “behavioral economists”--a euphemism. Their general character can be read from the examples of Cass Sunstein, who publicly advocates government infiltration and disruption of dissident groups, and Nobelist Richard Thaler, whose obsession was how to place an exact dollar-value on a human life. You are reminded involuntarily of the MDs who performed a phony medical intake examination on each unwitting victim, on arrival at a Nazi euthanasia facility. In the exam, the “patient” was told to open his mouth wide while stretching it open at the sides, while the “doctor” made notes. But the notes simply gave the location of each gold filling.

Thus Obama aide Ezekiel “E-Z Kill” Emanuel, MD, argues that the Hippocratic Oath is obsolete and should be rewritten.

Obama continued the massive NSA surveillance programs begun under George Bush in the wake of 9/11. In coordination with Silicon Valley, he figured out how to use them for political campaigns. Beginning in 2015, Obama's surveillance operations targeted any potential opponent of Hillary Clinton for surveillance and dirty tricks operations, aimed at silencing not only Clinton's opponents but those supporting those opponents, the chief target being Donald Trump and his supporters. By March of 2016, these operations had become so obvious that then-NSA Director Mike Rogers blew the whistle on them to the FISA Court. On April 26, 2017, the FISA Court reported that the illegal Obama spy operation using metadata at the NSA had been going on since 2012. Clapper, Brennan, and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter desperately tried to get Rogers fired, but failed.

A third Obama Administration might well be worse than anything Hitler and his pals could dream up, or George Orwell could predict, especially in our age of nuclear weapons, but this is not the time to hide under the bed–far from it. It is not us, but the so-called “elite” that is acting out of weakness and fear induced hysteria. For three years they have tried and failed to remove President Trump. Their bosses fear that their system of international usury would not survive a second Trump term, as the House of Lords wrote in a 2018 report, “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order.” In short, they know their time is running out.

President Trump has shown himself a formidable fighter, but as of now, no one really knows whether or not he will remain in office through January, 2021. There is only one way to ensure that Obama does not replace him and that he is free, this time, to proceed on the mandates of those who voted for him. That is through the leadership of a citizens’ movement which grasps the American principles of economic recovery, which were invented in large part by Alexander Hamilton and his associates when our nation was founded, and then updated and refined for our own era by Lyndon LaRouche from the 1950s until his death in 2019.

What we require now could be described as the 21st Century edition of Franklin Roosevelt’s recovery program. Trillions of bad debts must be stricken from the books of banks and similar institutions, to allow new credit to be issued for real, physical investment and job-creation. Federal credit must be issued for employment at increasing technological levels. Science-driver programs must be fostered to the maximum, such as the space program ordered by President Trump, which leads through the industrial development of the Moon, to eventual human colonization of Mars. A short, valuable summary can be found here. The title of that summary is, People First!

We need a movement of citizens who each masters this knowledge for him or herself, to lead a proselytizing drive which brings it into the organic basis of the Trump re-election campaign. Such an organized intellectual force will enable President Trump to begin to fulfill some of his unfulfilled 2016 campaign promises even before November. This is the route to sure victory.

Some, of course, are hoping that Trump can be defeated because of what they call his incompetent handling of the coronavirus. But it should be noted that the leadership of every major nation has made serious errors in responding to this pandemic. And unfortunately, its story is not yet over. No one yet knows what the totals of cases and deaths will ultimately be anywhere.

But much more important, as has recently been pointed out--it is the combination of scientific breakthroughs and vibrant economic growth which ultimately eliminates disease–as important as public health measures are. In the effort to conquer the virus, a vast, combined research project touching on basic questions of biology is moving forward internationally at “warp speed.” During the 1980s, LaRouche called for a world crash program in optical biophysics from which a cure for AIDS could come. His call was basically ignored, but today we are moving towards that vision. LaRouche’s economic recovery program will enable us to get there.

It is the inexhaustible power of human creativity, exemplified here in science and real economics, which can ensure that man goes forward and outward to fulfill his destiny, even to the stars, leaving Obama behind, to reappear only in that occasional nightmare after a really bad meal.

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