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Is your house interior more like country girl Kelly Brook or trendsetter Amanda Holden? Take our quiz to find out

SHOULD your home be dressed up to the nines like Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s disco-themed abode, or dressed down like Kelly Brook’s country farmhouse?

We are now spending twice as much time and money on improving our places now compared to before lockdown, according to a poll – but many of us don’t know where to start.

See if you should be drawing inspiration from Sophie Ellis-Bexter’s disco-themed abode, or Mrs Hinch’s minimalist pad

Luckily, some house-proud celebs are providing inspiration by sharing their decor on Instagram.

Here, interior designer Faye Robinson-Hey asks a series of questions so you can match your personality and style to your ideal celebrity home, and shares some high street accessories to get you started.

Which celeb is your decor double?

When you’re dreaming of a getaway, are you picturing a staycation or an all-inclusive trip to the Maldives?[/caption]

YOU haven’t seen your girls in months. Your reunion consists of:

A. Country walk, picnic and pit-stop at the pub.
B. A bottomless brunch.
C. Karaoke at your place and you’ll provide props.
D. A meal out, as you don’t host – too much cleaning up the next day!
E. Getting dressed up and heading to the pub, with a McDonald’s after.
F. You’ll put on a mini festival, music and barbecue in the garden.

IT’S one of THOSE days. You cheer yourself up by:

A. Baking your favourite cake and drinking endless cups of tea.
B. Dusting, mopping, Hoovering – and then organising everything in the house too.
C. Blasting your favourite band and dancing round the kitchen.
D. Putting on your fanciest outfit and going out with your best mate.
E. Getting cosy on the sofa and bingeing on Netflix.
F. Doing a spot of yoga in the garden to help you find your zen.

YOU haven’t been shopping in months – time to treat yourself. You:

A. Head to cute boutiques and end up buying a new apron from Cath Kidston.
B. Research online first to find which of your favourite stores have the best deals.
C. Are off to the market. You love searching on Etsy and eBay too.
D. Go straight to a posh department store. You love trends but all under one roof.
E. Quickly dash to the high street or supermarket. You love a bargain.
F. Visit vintage and second-hand only. You love retro, unique finds.

YOU are dreaming of a holiday. Your ideal getaway is:

A. A rustic farmhouse in the South of France, surrounded by vineyards.
B. All-inclusive to the Maldives with plenty of prosecco and beaches.
C. Somewhere exotic, maybe Cuba or Marrakesh, so you can learn about culture.
D. New York, New York! A fancy hotel in the city, cocktails and shopping.
E. Has to be Benidorm, with parents and grandparents in tow.
F. A staycation. You love a family trip to the British seaside. Fish and chips is a must.

Are you more of a Russian Doll fan or a Little Fires Everywhere fanatic?[/caption]

WHAT’S your go-to cocktail?

A. A traditional old fashioned. I like the smoky, mature taste.
B. Mojito, as it’s fresh and easy to make.
C. Tequila sunrise – fruity, colourful, but with a kick.
D. Cosmopolitan. Got to keep it classic and sophisticated.
E. Nothing beats a jug of Pimm’s in the sunshine.
F. Espresso martini – you need something to perk you up.

WE all have our set style. In your wardrobe there is a lot of:

A. Ditzy floral dresses.
B. Monochrome basics.
C. Party outfits. You love sequins and bright colours.
D. Glam looks and fancy gowns.
E. Animal prints. They never go out of fashion.
F. Colour and quirky pieces.

WHAT you binge-watch can reveal a lot about you. Your favourite show is:

A. The Crown – you love anything historic and traditional.
B. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, obviously.
C. Russian Doll – it’s fun, edgy and often unexpected.
D. White Lines – you love a bit of sun,
glam and scandal.
E. This Country – it’s hilarious, and Daisy May Cooper is your idol.
F. Little Fires Everywhere – set in the 90s and with strong female leads.

Mostly As – Farmhouse like Kelly Brook

YOU are one Kell of a country bumpkin.

The sound of birds, smell of fresh air and the kettle brewing means you share the same country vibes as model Kelly, 40.

If you scored mostly As you should look to country bumpkin Kelly Brook for inspiration[/caption]

You might not be living in a period property, but mix hand-me-down furniture with modern pieces to get a relaxed feel.

To really nail the style, invest in a floral chair or sofa and make sure you have plenty of throws to give that cosy cottage feel.

Adding in soft furnishings like this Next throw will give your home a cosy cottage feel
Florals never look out of place in farmhouse homes, so snap up accessories like this jug from Great British Florist
  • Floral jug, £25, Great British Florist – buy now
  • Yellow throw, £30, Next – buy now

Mostly Bs – Shades of grey like Mrs Hinch

YOU feel most comfortable in a home with barely a hint of colour – just like cleaning guru Sophie Hinchcliffe, 30.

You like the finer things in life and everything to look smart and neat, but you don’t want to splash out.

Like cleaning pro Mrs Hinch, you like to keep things smart, neat and minimalistic[/caption]

If there’s one word that could really sum you up, it is minimalistic.

Tick boxes for the trend include mirrored cabinets, a grey velvet sofa and a large fluffy grey rug.

Mirrored cabinets not only look great, but they’re a great place to hide any clutter
This grey cushion is only £10 from Asda
  • Mirrored cabinet, £40, Argos – buy now
  • Grey cushion, £10, George at Asda – buy now

Mostly Cs – Disco diva like Sophie Ellis-Bexter

YOU are all for a good time, no matter what day it is – just like Groovejet singer Sophie, 41.

Turning your living room into a dancefloor is not unusual for you, so why not give your home some serious disco vibes with bright colours and sequins?

You don’t like to follow the crowd – just like Groovejet singer Sophie Ellis-Bexter

As you don’t like to follow the crowd, the bigger the clash the better, so make sure you stock up on quirky pictures and statement cushions.

Get bold pieces like this Oliver Bonas doormat to brighten up your home
Of course the bigger the clash the better, so stock up on quirky pictures like this one from Desenio
  • Doormat, £18, Oliver Bonas – buy now
  • Print, £12.95, Desenio – buy now

Mostly Ds – Trendseeker like Amanda Holden

STRICTLY decadent for you, just like TV presenter Amanda, 49.

You always look impeccable and so should your home.

If you scored mostly Ds you’re just like Amanda Holden, who takes pleasure in the glamorous side of life[/caption]

You like the glamorous side of life and have a penchant for on-trend jewelled tones so bring that into your home.

Always have fresh flowers on show and don’t be afraid to paint walls a dark blue tone like Amanda, with gold trimmings.

Statement pieces like this Barker and Stonehouse clock will give your home a feeling of luxury[/caption]
Small accessories like this H&M candle can add a touch of style to any room
  • Candle, £12.99, H&M – buy now
  • Gold clock, £65, Barker and Stonehouse – buy now

Mostly Es – Wild for prints like Scarlett Moffatt

YOUR taste is modern and simple but you love to spice it up with a bit of animal print, like Gogglebox star Scarlett, 29.

While you love a night on the tiles, staying in is your go-to – which is why you need to make sure you have a great cocktail kit at home.

For anyone like Scarlett, animal prints are a great way to show off your wild side

Keep walls and furniture in classic shades but bring in your personality with soft furnishings and slogan pictures.

Show off your wild side with animal print rugs, throws and even statues.

  • Animal print rug, £95 – buy now
  • French Connection Planter, £4.50, Sass and Belle – buy now

Mostly Fs – Thinking pink like Fearne Cotton

WHITE walls? Gosh no, that’s way too boring for you. Everything has to be pink, pretty and floral – just like telly star Fearne, 38.

Your house might not always be spick and span but it’s important it is decorated just how you like it, like Fearne’s home which looks like an Instagram dream.

When it comes to your home, everything has to be pink, pretty and floral – just like telly star Fearne Cotton

Your love for shopping vintage means you could find unique, retro pieces.

Copy Cotton with a pink colour palette, old-school tassel lamps and bamboo chairs.

  • Tassel lamp, £85, Debenhams – buy now
  • Pink vase, £16.99, Studio – buy now

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