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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told to ‘stop whining, there is a pandemic’ by her father Thomas

MEGHAN’S dad Thomas Markle last night warned the royal couple: “This is the worst time in the world to be whining.”

And estranged Thomas admitted: “I love my daughter but I really don’t appreciate what she’s become right now.”

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James Breeden - The Sun
Thomas Markle has hit out at Meghan and Harry for ‘whining’ during the coronavirus pandemic[/caption]
Paul Edwards - The Sun
Thomas criticised his estranged daughter for the timing of a new royal biography [/caption]

The latest twist arrived in the wake of the publication of the explosive royal biography Finding Freedom — with the detail suggesting that the couple had more involvement in it than they admit.

The pair deny giving interviews to authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand or in any way contributing.

But the book is littered with intimate anecdotes that only the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or their very closest friends, would know.

It makes a string of complaints about the Royal Family and has re-opened wounds between the LA-based couple and The Firm.

And it also tears into Mr Markle for selling photos in the run-up to their wedding in 2018.

But last night he criticised the timing of the book — with almost 150,000 Covid-19 deaths across the United States.

He stated: “This is the worst time in the world for them to be whining and complaining about anything — because people everywhere are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.”


Finding Freedom claims Meghan has not spoken to her father since he failed to attend her wedding.

He was caught staging paparazzi pics of himself before the big day.

But the book also includes claims that Meghan, 38, herself set up pap shots when she was starring in TV drama Suits before she met Harry.

Mr Markle said: “Apparently Meghan has made deals with the paparazzi. She planned it.”

The 76-year-old, who did not receive payment for speaking to The Sun, has also reacted to the content.

AFP or licensors
The controversial book lifts the lid on frosty conversations between William and Harry[/caption]
The Mega Agency
The Sussexes deny involvement in Finding Freedom but the book is full of anecdotes that only they would know[/caption]

On Sunday, it was reported that Meghan and Harry had “rejected” the idea of getting help to protect her father, as their royal romance grew.

He says he was also berated by Harry for co-operating with the press while in hospital recovering from heart surgery.

From his home in Rosarito, Mexico, he said: “The fact the royals advised them to get me help and they refused to do it is incredible news.”

This is the worst time in the world for them to be whining – people everywhere are suffering due to the pandemic.

Thomas Markle

A heartbroken Meghan, according to the book, sent her dad one final text the night before her wedding.

He was due to walk his daughter down the aisle at Windsor Castle until it emerged that he posed for the photographs, which were sold to papers around the world.

Yet Meghan was still desperate for him to attend.

And Finding Freedom tells of how she left dozens of frantic messages for her dad — telling him a car would take him to Los Angeles airport so he could fly to London for the ceremony.

But despite her “barrage of voicemails and texts”, he refused to get in the waiting vehicle.

And he did not respond to messages after she called him “at least 20 times”.

Mr Markle then began making a series of bizarre statements to the press and he eventually said the stress of dealing with the media had caused him to have a heart attack.

Finally, he told her he would not be coming and only her mother Doria would be there.

James Breeden - The Sun
Speaking about the book, Thomas admitted ‘I love my daughter but I really don’t appreciate what she’s become right now’[/caption]
James Breeden
He responded to claims that Meghan ‘rejected’ the idea of getting help to protect him, despite being advised to do so[/caption]
The book also claims Meghan has not spoken to her father since he failed to attend her wedding[/caption]

The book says: “If it wasn’t for Harry, Doria and her friends, Meghan herself says she wouldn’t have mentally got through it.”

Meghan is suing the Mail on Sunday newspaper for revealing the contents of a letter she wrote to her dad, claiming it was a breach of privacy.

Mr Markle said he wanted to share the letter after its contents were publicly misrepresented in order to “vilify” him.

High Court legal papers revealed Meghan felt “unprotected” by the Royal Family while pregnant with son Archie and was unable to defend herself against false claims.

Other private information, which would indicate the Sussexes must have been involved in the biography, includes details of voicemails Meghan sent to her dad and frosty conversations between Harry and William.


It claims the Duke of Cambridge told his little brother not to rush things with “this girl” — a comment that allegedly sparked fury from a “p***ed off” Harry.

The Duke of Sussex is then said to have moaned to a friend: “It’s a sick part of the society we live in today, and no one is doing anything about it.

“Where’s the positivity? Why is everyone so miserable and angry?”

Meghan is quoted as telling a pal: “I gave up my entire life for this family. I was willing to do whatever it takes.”

In another extract, the book amazingly reveals how Harry was left anguished after reading comments online dubbing him a “disgrace to the Royal Family”.

A spokesman for Harry and Meghan said: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not interviewed and did not contribute to Finding Freedom.

“This book is based on the authors’ own experiences as members of the royal press corps and their independent reporting.”

Author Scobie, asked whether there had been off-the-record conversations with the royal couple, said: “You’ve read the book. There are no on-the-record interviews with the couple.”

Pressed again, he replied: “No, my time around the couple is enough for me to know my subjects.”

Scobie, 39, has previously been vocal about his elevated access to Harry and Meghan since his time as a royal reporter at Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

A spokesman for Harry and Meghan said the pair did not contribute to Finding Freedom[/caption]

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