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Everything you need to know about strapons—and strapon porn

What Is A Strapon

Let's talk about strapon sex, babes.

Yes, strapons are a little stereotypical. Yes, they're not as easy to use as Pornhub would make you believe. But when a girl offers her hand in strapon intercourse, you cordially and eagerly accept like a lesbian bottom in a queer Jane Austen novel. (And don't get us started on pegging, antifa boys.)

So what exactly is a strapon, and where can you find strapon porn online? Read on for the Daily Dot's guide to this curiously viral sex toy.

What is a strapon?

Mercy West Sex Worker

A strapon is a phallic dildo that attaches to its user, usually (but not always) for penetrative sex. The most common iteration involves a dildo secured to a harness over the crotch, although there are also strapless strapons that can be held in place by vaginal muscles.

While strapons are most commonly used by cis women, people of any gender—including trans women, trans men, and nonbinary folks—can wear one. Even cis men might use a strap, especially if they experience erectile disability.

Nonbinary sex worker Mercy West has used strapons throughout their career in both their online and offline work. West stresses the strapon's appeal varies from person to person; using one is an engaging and enjoyable sex toy for them because "most people are attracted" to strapons "regardless of gender or sexuality."

"In my experience, it’s a tool I enjoy using that other queer folks see as a tool for pleasure as well. But in some circumstances, usually with straight cis male clients, they see it as a weapon, as something used for intimidation and as a replacement for something that they may be too scared to encounter/seek out in the flesh," West told the Daily Dot. "As unpopular as that opinion might be, it’s true as far as I can tell."

Many sex-ed and kink resources imply a strapon is a stand-in for a cisgender man's erect penis, although this isn't necessarily true. Strapons come in different shapes and sizes, and they can look vastly different from a traditional phallus. West stresses that strapons are so commonly classified as penetrative "weapons" that sex education resources deemphasize safe use in exchange for heteronormative and cisnormative guidelines.

"I feel like most people assume that strapons are to be used for pain, intimidation, and control. So a lot of sex ed focuses on [female dominant and submissive] uses and safety," West said. "It would be nice to hear educators talk about becoming comfortable with your toys as partners/play partners and demystifying them. Not only bringing them out for play and talking about how each person feels about each toy and how it’s being used."

Why do lesbians use strapons?

Strapon Porn

If you're queer, you may have talked about or experienced strapon sex. Plenty of lesbians love it, but it's not a universal sentiment.

Writing for Vogue in 2016, Karley Sciortino chatted with several women who use (and have opinions on) strapons to better understand why they're so beloved. As it turns out, no two queer women use the strap for the same reason. Some sapphics love the "Freudian bullshit" attached to it, as if it grants the user an erect penis if they don't have one. Others see the strapon as an extension of their sexual expression and bodies. As one queer actress named Mel said, "I know lesbians who, when they go on a Tinder date, will pack their penis in their bag. Like, that's their dick."

"Our default is to think that, in a power dynamic, masculine is top and feminine is bottom. But a butch woman will often want to be subjugated sexually because she has to armor herself in the world so much. She has to be tough, just like a man does," Mel told Sciortino.

West stresses that a strapon isn't an innate sign of penis envy. Rather, the strapon can be core to a person's queer identity, gender expression, and sexuality.

"For example, as a nonbinary person, what I feel and want fluctuates and I need options. So things like [gender reassignment surgery] may not be the answer to alleviating physical/social dysphoria for someone like me," West said. "Having people use my strapon like it’s a part of me, and not having to use it as a weapon or a tool for dominance has really helped me center myself and become more in tune with my peaceful and empathetic masculine side."

If you're interested in having lesbian strapon sex and need some 101 tips, check out Carolyn Yates' guide on Autostraddle. And remember, if things a feel a little weird at first, that's OK: It's all part of the process.

Where can I find strapon porn?

Tasha Black Strap On

Enough about the politics behind the strap. Where's the queer strapon porn?

Pink & White Productions' Crash Pad Series notoriously features a ton of strapon sex scenes. So does PinkLabel.TV, the company's on-demand porn streaming service. Other popular options include LustCinema and XConfessions from Erika Lust Films, AORTA Films, and audio erotica site Dipsea. If you're searching for homemade strapon porn, MakeLoveNotPorn also hosts a few, although you'll need to sign up to take a peek.

Lastly, consider checking out models that specialize in strapon content. On ManyVids, AstroDomina has dozens of strapon clips. Little Puck also has a modest collection of point-of-view videos, and LadyToro's femdom strapon content shouldn't be missed. Femdomommy also blends femdom content with occasional strapon and pegging sessions worth checking out. And for OnlyFans users, subscribe to BlackWidowBaby, Mercy West, Roo Addams, River Gray, Enby Angel, Tasha Black, and Mistress Victoria Blackwood.

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